Perfection in material management


Did you know ... that you can quickly and easily retrofit a verification system for the electrical attributes of components?

The visual inspection of each individual component has long been standard for ASMPT pick and place machines. But even visually perfect components can have incorrect electrical specifications - or even be fakes. Another important cause of incorrect asembly is component reels with faulty labels or incorrectly spliced tapes. It is therefore advisable to play it safe with the electronic attributes too and take random measurements, for example when changing the set-up or splicing.

Retrofitting a corresponding measuring unit in your line is extremely easy: The SIPLACE Measuring Feeder X is simply inserted into a standard 8 mm smart feeder slot and enables a demand-oriented electrical verification of resistance, capacitance, polarity or inductance directly on the machine. All measurement parameters and tolerances are conveniently programmed in SIPLACE Pro. The system has an automatic self-calibration function. Certified recalibration by SIPLACE Service is possible at any time.


Your benefits in a practical example:

  • Customers tell us that the electronic verification of a product can take up to 8 hours
  • With the SIPLACE Measuring Feeder X, they were able to reduce this time to 15 minutes

The same measurement result is therefore achieved in approx. 3% of the time compared to the conventional method.


With the SIPLACE Measuring Feeder X, you eliminate another significant production risk at the line. You improve quality and process reliability and avoid rejects and expensive misplacements.

Your benefits in the video:

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SIPLACE Measuring Feeder X (

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