High-speed and high accuracy for submodules and SiPs

ASMPT SIPLACE TX Micron (large picture)

With the SIPLACE TX micron, you run advanced packaging and high-density applications with the performance of state-of-the-art SMT technology (up to 93,000 cph) and unprecedented accuracy. A standard accuracy of 20 μm @ 3 sigma and accuracy classes of 15 and 10 μm @ 3 sigma allow to reliably mount placement gaps of as little as 50 μm. The performance and upgradeability of the SIPLACE TX micron protect your investment.

With smart features such as the new high-resolution PCB camera, flexible transport options of the new Multi Purpose Dual Conveyor, non-stop feeding of components into JEDEC trays by the SIPLACE Tray Unit, open interface standards and powerful control software, the SIPLACE TX micron guarantees maximum yield and maximum productivity in the Intelligent Factory at all times.

For sensitive components

Individually programmable placement process with touchless pickup and zero-force placement and individual tracking from the tape to the finished product

Two machines - one line

The SIPLACE TX micron and the SIPLACE CA can be set up on the same production line, which brings several advantages for the manufacturer:

  • Simpler intralogistics: there are no more separated solutions for die bonding and SMT placement solutions in production between which PCBs have to be transported back and forth
  • Lower costs: no more taping for active components
  • More environmentally friendly: less taping waste
  • More efficient processes: active components (from the wafer) and passive components (tape and reel) can be combined in one line; eliminates taping, splicing or refilling of the more expensive active components, meaning fewer errors possible

NEW optional Multi Purpose Dual Conveyor

The Multi Purpose Dual Conveyor is an optional conveyor, which guarantees more flexibility and can be used for the following cases:

  • More transport options and process flexibility with consistently high processing speed - even heavily bent heavier or thicker PCBs are no problem
  • Maximum PCB thickness including warpage up to 14 mm
  • Use of “thick” carriers (as often used for singulated substrates for Advanced Packaging processes)
  • Use JEDEC trays as substrate carriers
  • Use J-Boat carriers with high locating pins
  • Max. PCB weight of up to 8 kg
  • Support tools or vacuum tools up to a weight of 35 kg
  • Clamping rails can be easily exchanged


SIPLACE料盘单元能够在一个设计紧凑的的托盘中不间断地续料。 最大灵活性有以下几点:

  • 生产力:不间断续料,快速更换载具完成续料
  • 存储区:主存储区30个料盘 + 缓存区12个料盘
  • 料盘尺寸:355 mm x 275 mm(相当于两个并排的JEDEC制式料盘)
  • 占地面积:最大限度地减少突出,保持了整线最小的宽度
  • 随机设置:每一层都有RFID标签
  • 指示清晰:每一级都有LED指示灯



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