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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

Who We Are

Globally headquartered in Singapore, ASMPT is a leading global supplier of hardware and software solutions for the manufacture of semiconductors and electronics, with a truly unique, broad-based port­folio that sets it apart from others.

The Semiconductor Solutions Segment offers a diverse product range for the microelectronics, semiconductor, photonics and optoelectronics industries. The SMT Solutions Segment offers best-in-class solutions on equipment, line, factory, and multi-factory levels. Its strategy focuses on providing integrated automation concepts for the smart electronics factory.

Mobile devices, cameras, computers, internet hardware, intelligent vehicles, LED displays, healthcare, industrial electronics – ASMPT is active wherever electronics are developed or manufactured. Thanks to our continuous investments in R&D any device containing electronics has probably been built using our solutions in some way.

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SMT Solutions

The SMT Solutions Segment provides best-in-class solutions at equipment, line, factory and multi-factory levels, including open automation concepts for smart electronics manufacturing. Its leading DEK and SIPLACE product lines work closely with its Critical Manufacturing solutions that provide the most modern, flexible and configurable manufacturing execution systems (MES).

SMT Solutions

Semiconductor Solutions

The Semiconductor Solutions Segment offers a diverse product range from bonding to molding and trim & form to the integration of these activities into complete in-line systems for the microelectronics, semiconductor, photonics, and optoelectronics industries. The ALSI, AMICRA, Nexx and AEI teams are part of the Semiconductor Solutions Segment.

Semiconductor Solutions

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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