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SMT topics in focus

OnDemand - Facts on open automation

SMT topics in focus

OnDemand - Facts on open automation

Process Lens / Process Lens HD (SPI)

Measure what matters

Attractive Financing

The Process Lens high-end 5D SPI system offers an unprecedented combination of speed and precision, and thanks to the use of powerful state-of-the-art algorithms, it understands exactly what it measures and knows how to interpret the results.

  • Innovative: DLP chips with 8 or 20 million micromirrors (standard and HD version, respectively) produce absolutely distortion-free Moiré patterns
  • Fast and reliable: Up to 70 percent shorter inspection times and up to 80 percent fewer false calls compared to traditional SPI systems.
  • High precision: With a resolution of down to 10 µm, speed and precision are no longer mutually exclusive with the Process Lens.
  • Measures what matters: The Process Lens measures paste deposits, glue, contamination, dust, and a whole lot more – all while suppressing any measurement noise generated by the PCB.

Since the Process Lens delivers constant feedback on a variety of factors and trends beginning with the first board that leaves the printer, you can take countermeasures before the first error even occurs: true and accurate process data ensures efficient and effective process optimization.

WORKS Process Expert

When you combine the Process Lens with the WORKS Process Expert software, you get the world’s first self-learning inline SPI system, with fully autonomous printing process control and optimization for high-end DEK printing systems.

Innovative technologies ensure maximum precision and speed. Integrated high-end solder paste measurement system.

  • Combines optical 2D and 3D measuring methods for industry-leading measurement quality and reliability
  • 3D on-the-fly PCB warpage compensation to continuously ensure a very high measurement accuracy
  • Largest height measurement range with excellent height resolution guarantees detection of all defects (no false accepts)
  • Lowest error rate in the industry
  • Maximum measurement precision drastically reduces user assists and line stops
  • Available in single-lane and dual-lane versions
  • The Process Lens reads the ink spots and measures the print quality of the printed circuit boards. The results for each individual circuit are whispered to the next SIPLACE placement machine so that components are placed on error-free circuits only.
  • First-pass yield and process control: an extensive SPC (Statistical Process Control) software supports user to analyze their printing process in details
  • Streamlined and easy factory integration via IPC-HERMES-9852 and IPC-CFX

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