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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

DEK TQ printing platform

Use print performance as your success factor


One platform, two sizes: DEK TQ and DEK TQ L

The DEK TQ high-tech printer platform offers two different sizes: the tried-and-tested DEK TQ high-volume model and the brand-new DEK TQ L - both with unique floor space performance.

With their various modules for individual automation, the new generation DEK TQ printers are ideal for SMT manufacturers who prefer open, vendor-independent solutions for building their Integrated Smart Factory. Quality, performance, and productivity at a high level - our high-end and high-speed DEK TQ and DEK TQ L stencil printers make it possible.

Machine type DEK TQ DEK TQ L
Standard configuration Description
Machine accuracy > 2,0 Cmk @ ±12,5 μm, (±6 sigma)
Wet-printing accuracy > 2,0 Cpk @ ±17,0 μm, (±6 sigma)
Shortest core cycle time (CCT) 5 seconds 6,5 seconds
Maximum print area 400 mm (X) × 400 mm (Y) (1-stage conveyor) 560 mm (X) × 510 mm (Y) (1-stage conveyor)
Controller Nu-Motion controller
Axis drive Each linear drive with high-precision encoders for the camera axis and understencil cleaning
Squeegee pressure control Software-controlled, motorized with closed-loop feedback
Stencil positioning Automatic loading system with drip container for squeegee
Min. substrate size 50 mm (X) × 40,5 mm (Y) 50 mm (X) × 40,5 mm (Y)
Max. substrate size 250 mm (X) × 400 mm (Y) (3-stage conveyor)
400 mm (X) × 400 mm (Y) (1-stage conveyor)
350 mm (X) × 510 mm (Y) (3-stage conveyor)
600 mm (X) × 510 mm (Y) (1-stage conveyor)
Machine dimensions 1000 mm x 1300 mm x 1600 mm (L × W × H) 1300 x 1500 x 1600 mm (L × W × H)
Machine dimensions 1000 mm x 1300 mm x 1600 mm (L × W × H) 1300 x 1500 x 1600 mm (L × W × H)
Automatic Smart Pin Support 30-pin magazine (4-mm and 12-mm pins) 60-pin magazine (4-mm and 12-mm pins)
DEK Paste Management Automatic solder paste application with automatic paste roll height control
Dual Acces Cover Hot-swapping of solder paste cartridges
DEK All Purpose Clamping Flexible and software-controlled vertical and lateral clamping
High Flow Vacuum Special large-area vacuum system incl. flexible tooling box – ideal for carriers
Closed Loop zu SPI-Systemen Expanded solder paste control with ProDEK

DEK TQ is your competitive advantage

Maximum printing quality

New clamping process for off-belt printing, an innovative printhead and drive, and full-area pneumatic stencil clamping

Automation with certified print quality and maximum performance

Under the guiding principle of 'open, modular and manufacturer-independent', we have developed the Open Automation concept for the Integrated Smart Factory. Just like our modular machine concepts, Open Automation does not prescribe anything but offers electronics manufacturers the basis for taking the optimal path to the Integrated Smart Factory. As usual, the latest generation of the DEK TQ printing platform sets new standards in print quality, efficiency and precision, while offering various solution options for the step-by-step automation of your SMT production.

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Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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