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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

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WORKS Software Suite

Today's production processes are characterized by great individuality and diversity: no two productions are alike. The same applies to the teams that organize, optimize and keep production running. The goal of the WORKS Software Suite is to make their work easier and to design and manage workflows optimally in order to get the best out of the production lines.

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Do you have specific tasks?
WORKS offers you individual assistance

Different fields of activity have different requirements for software-supported process control and optimization. WORKS has a smart solution for this: All programs use the same data and support the seamless exchange of information. In this way, WORKS ensures that each employee is optimally supported in his or her individual area of responsibility.

Hint: Click on the tabs to find out what benefits WORKS offers employees - depending on their field of activity - in SMT production.

  • Production Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Production Planner
  • Process Engineer
  • Material Logistics Manager
  • IT Operations Manager
Integration Monitoring Operations Monitoring Operations Preparation Planning Operations Preparation Logistics Planning Optimization Monitoring Operations Programming Integration Preparation Logistics Planning Integration

The production manager has processes, costs, and equipment under control

The production manager ensures cost-effective production by introducing the right equipment and processes. They decide which effort will be made for a product and plan its efficient production, all while keeping a constant eye on costs ranging from the raw materials to the labor effort during the production to shipping. To do this, they must transparently communicate the operation’s compliance with the cost frameworks at all times.

On many production lines, determining the most important performance indicators is still a slow, cumbersome, and error-prone process with tools such as homebuild process control solutions, Power BI, Excel sheets, or reports in PowerPoint or PDF formats. With WORKS, the production manager can keep an eye on workflows such as Monitoring, Operations, and Integration at all times.

The production supervisor ensures maximum quality and efficiency

The production supervisor keeps an eye on the entire production and ensures that all processes operate smoothly and efficiently. To do this, they organize and monitor workflows and employees. Their overarching goals are quality and profitability. They permanently improve daily operations and minimize costs. Workflows that are particularly important for the Production Supervisor are Planning, Preparation, Operations, and Monitoring.

Which task should I do next? Whom can I call when something unforeseen happens? What was the cause of the machine shutdown last week? The production supervisor and their employees ask themselves questions like these again and again. In many factories, they still operate with whiteboards, flip charts, Excel sheets, or collaboration tools such as SharePoint. The bottom line: lots of effort, many potential sources of errors, and little clarity.

With WORKS, questions like the ones listed above are answered quickly and efficiently – without much effort, from a single launchpad with a clear and comprehensive display.

The production planner coordinates and allocates resources

The production planner coordinates the production workflows for single or multiple products. They plan and prioritize the production steps, guarantee maximum performance, and avoid delays. They allocate manpower, equipment, and raw materials in accordance with the production requirements.

Planning tasks such as the daily organization of the SMT lines and the timing of setup changeovers still cause a lot of unnecessary effort. In many cases, the wheel is invented again and again when similar products must be set up because the regular person in charge is on vacation or not available for other reasons. Complex Excel sheets, manually obtaining data from the homebuild process control solutions and even advanced planning systems (APS) don’t make this any easier.

Not so with WORKS. It makes it possible to automate most of the planning process so that the important workflows Planning, Preparation, Operations and Material Management are always under control, thus minimizing costs and maximizing benefits.

The process engineer develops, coordinates, and optimizes

The process engineer takes care of ongoing processes in electronics manufacturing, ranging from ordering to production start-up to certification. They assess processes, interpret data, and take appropriate measures. Based on this, they design, test, and operate systems and processes and take care of upgrades and enhancements.

What happens, however, when a process gets out of control? Are the right analytical and decision-making tools available? Does the company have time to get involved in experiments? In most cases, the answer is “no”, especially if the company still depends on PLM software, long and confusing Excel lists or even printouts, or manually collected machine data. On most shop floors, it is still extremely difficult and time-consuming to determine the exact causes of malfunctions and take the right measures.

WORKS helps the process engineer to automate the processes of important workflows such as Programming, Operations, Optimization, and Monitoring. They not only save time but benefit from comprehensive data collection and analysis.

The material logistics manager ensures supply

As the person in charge of the procurement and storage of components and consumables in electronics manufacturing, the material logistics manager is responsible for the entire supply chain. They ensure that the flow of materials to the production never stops.

Unfortunately, the MES has probably never automatically told them where certain components are physically located or generated unique component IDs. Questions also arise as to whether the machines automatically order new material when the existing supply is about to run out, or whether material is automatically pre-sorted and delivered from the warehouse to the setup preparation area. While MES and ERP systems can do a lot, they almost never go into this level of detail.

WORKS controls and automates all these logistics processes for the material logistics manager and his/her team based on the workflows Material Management, Planning, Preparation, and Integration.

The IT operations manager ensures the network’s functional reliability

The IT operations manager monitors the network infrastructure and takes immediate action when a problem occurs. Experienced in performance management, network administration and system security, they ensure that all IT systems in electronics production are secure and run reliably at all times.

The large number of different interfaces on the shop floor continues to cause occasional connection problems – for example, when certain areas require an upgrade. Proprietary interfaces pose the greatest obstacle to efficient operation. In its Integration workflow, WORKS ensures seamless communication with its standardized Operations Information Broker (OIB) so that all important data is available and accessible at all times.

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Organize and optimize your workflows both easily and effectively with WORKS

No two electronics factories are alike, but there are eight general workflows that describe their production processes. Based on these workflows, users can identify the WORKS components that are relevant for them and combine them into the individual application packages.

The new WORKS Subscription Model

The WORKS Software Suite is now available with an attractive subscription license. The new subscription model is significantly more scalable depending on usage intensity, contributing to risk minimization and planning security. With its flexible cost structure and simple pricing, electronics manufacturers can keep their costs under control at all times and always benefit from the latest version of the software.

Our recommendation: The comprehensive Ultimate Subscription Model package bundles all eight powerful applications of the WORKS Software Suite to ensure quality in intelligent SMT manufacturing, improve material flow, and make personnel deployment more effective and efficient. With this subscription-based full version, many electronics manufacturers frequently achieve the best price-performance ratio. Test all applications without high initial investments. Ask your account manager about the availability of the Ultimate Subscription Model in your region.

WORKS Ultimate

  • All apps included
Best Value

Single WORKS Application

  • You choice of one app
Our entry into the world of component assembly with ASMPT is receiving excellent support through the ultimate subscription model of the WORKS software suite. It combines the software’s scope and price in an ideal manner and enables us to introduce and test all modules and determine to which extent we can integrate them into our production in a way that makes the most sense to us. Especially attractive is the low initial investment that the subscription model makes possible. It has made our decision-making process much easier.

Michael Hannusch, Managing Director Hannusch Industrieelektronik GmbH

WORKS applications in focus


The application for smart working in the Intelligent Factory

WORKS Operations bundles, prioritizes and distributes tasks from production across lines and skill-based to operators with mobile devices. This shortens response times and ensures the effective deployment of skilled workers.


Intelligent process optimization along the entire SMT line

With the goal of zero DPMO, WORKS Optimization optimizes the printing and placement process – at best fully automatically in the case of solder paste printing. Based on IPC-2591 CFX, third-party SPI and AOI systems can be integrated.


Multiline production planning and setup optimization

For maximum production times and on-time order fulfillment, WORKS Planning brings together ERP data and production data from the shopfloor in real time. This allows planners to effectively control production and simplify or eliminate setup operations.

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Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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