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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

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Factory Equipment Center

Smart asset and maintenance management for your entire factory

Maximizing your equipment utilization is an indispensable requirement if you want to be successful in electronics manufacturing. Only machines that are properly supported and maintained operate with maximum reliability, speed and quality. Maintaining and servicing the equipment becomes a significant challenge in factories with multiple SMT lines. Each machine has its own maintenance cycles, delivery dates must not be jeopardized, and every maintenance operation must be documented in detail. One of the biggest obstacles to mastering this task is the fact that every manufacturer has his own rules and solutions. To make keeping track of all these requirements easier, ASMPT offers Factory Equipment Center, a forward-looking software solution for centralized, non-proprietary and factory-wide asset and maintenance management, based on a subscription model that can be scaled as needed.


Features at a glance


Real-time status tracking; up-to-date calibration and verification data and location information; starting point to perform maintenance


Central maintenance calendar for all equipment with status indicators, checklists, and task assignments via e-mail


Providing maintenance instructions, checklists, and multimedia-based aids for service technicians on a central portal


Central access to verification and calibration status of machines, heads and feeders, and nozzles


Sensor data in real time; historical data charts; threshold violation notifications


Automated central reporting with user-friendly dashboards; a finished checklist automatically marks the maintenance as completed

Remote access

Direct access to equipment using ASMPT's Remote Smart Factory from central system


Lock feeders and nozzles on maintenance due, scheduled for repair or not being released for a machine automatically; technicians get notified


Complete feeder management

With Factory Equipment Center, the technical team always knows which feeder is where and in which status. They have the data and information relevant for inspection and maintenance at their fingertips at all times. When a feeder reaches a predetermined number of operating cycles, the system can automatically lock it and send a message to employees. All three license packages offered include time- and usage-based maintenance of an unlimited number of feeders. It comprises the maintenance and trouble history of all feeders, central access to verification and maintenance logs, and filterable lists of the entire inventory.

All nozzles under control

Factory Equipment Center automatically detects SIPLACE nozzles equipped with RFID tags on the placement head of the machine and creates a maintenance schedule for them based on their actual use. Besides the nozzle data, Factory Equipment Center keeps track of components placed, the most recent maintenance, the number of components placed since then, and trouble information for each nozzle. This efficiently prevents the use of nozzles that are due for maintenance or have been identified as faulty. The corresponding messages are automatically sent to the technical staff, accompanied by clear work instructions (workflows).

Factory Equipment Center provides the ideal automated maintenance schedule management solution for our SIPLACE X feeders. The system automatically detects and inventories the feeders. With the included instructions, tedious searching is eliminated and preparation time for inspections and repairs is minimized. This is how we ensure consistent repair and inspection. With Factory Equipment Center, we have been able to reduce the failure rate of our SIPLACE X feeders by 50%, resulting in higher productivity of our SMT line.
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White paper on intelligent maintenance

Achieving process reliability in the fast-paced world of Industry 4.0 and just-in-time supply chains is paramount on the SMT shop floor.

The key lies in systematic maintenance of production assets, seamlessly integrated into ongoing manufacturing operations. Leverage cutting-edge software for efficient and effective condition-based maintenance, including the crucial feeders that significantly impact process stability.

Discover more in our whitepaper on intelligent maintenance strategies.

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What the software offers you

Maximum Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

The smart and predictive Factory Equipment Center maintenance application is a tool for defining, planning and executing your maintenance operations. It allows you to keep your equipment utilization on a high level at all times.

How your employees benefit

  • For Production Manager
  • For Quality Manager
  • For Maintenance Engineers

Benefits for the Production Manager

  • Production with maximum reliability, speed and quality
  • Sheduled maintenance to interfere as little as possible with delivery deadlines
  • Meeting production targets
  • Meeting customers demand in costs, quality and time
  • Overseeing the manufacturing processes and line resources for a cost-effective production with minimum line stops

Benefits for the Quality Manager

  • Satisfy the audit requirements of demanding customers (equipment meets the required quality standards)
  • Equipment is taken care of and can be unequivocally demonstrated, also by data coming from the machine (calibration and verification data)

Benefits for Maintenance Engineer

  • Easy, efficient, and standardized documentation of maintenance steps
  • Transparent maintenance history
  • Information about errors and equimpemt performance
  • Improved transparency to simplify maintenance scheduling in central system (usage based, cycle based
  • Information about equipment location (especially feeders)
  • Active information on upcoming activities
  • Transparently coordinated process regulations

The right solution for every use



  • Unlimited ASMPT Feeders
  • Time and usage-based maintenance


  • 10 Assets from any vendor
  • Time-based maintenance
  • Data monitoring for ASMPT equipment

Unlimited Users

Reporting: Feeder and Equipment reports

Optional Nozzle Management: Time and usage-based maintenance for an unlimited number of Smart Nozzles



  • Unlimited ASMPT Feeders
  • Time- and usage-based maintenance


  • 50 Assets from any vendor
  • Time-based maintenance
  • Data monitoring for ASMPT equipment

Unlimited Users

Reporting: Feeder and Equipment reports

Optional Nozzle Management: Time and usage-based maintenance for an unlimited number of Smart Nozzles



  • Unlimited ASMPT Feeders
  • Time- and usage-based maintenance


  • Unlimited Assets from any vendor
  • Time-based maintenance
  • Data monitoring for ASMPT equipment

Unlimited Users

Reporting: Feeder and Equipment reports

Nozzle Management: Time and usage-based maintenance for unlimited Smart Nozzles

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