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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

Engaged attendees seek to improve efficiency and yield, secure competitiveness within North American market


ASMPT Wraps Up 2023 with Successful Technology Days Event in Booming Juarez, Mexico Region

ASMPT, in partnership with representative SMarTsol Technologies, today announced that it closed out its 2023 Technology Days program in Juarez, MX, one of the region’s most vibrant and growing technology centers. Indicative of Juarez’s electronics landscape, the well-attended event attracted EMS and OEM manufacturers serving the industrial, consumer, and automotive industries, among others. The interactive program was designed to address the primary drivers of global competitiveness – efficiency, quality, and high yield – and showcase how ASMPT’s Intelligent Factory portfolio enables more resilient, high-productivity operations.

“Juarez has historically been a strong automotive and industrial electronics manufacturing locale due to its well-trained workforce and proximity to the United States,” explained Mark Ogden, ASMPT Americas Marketing Manager. “With recent shifts in global supply chain structures and nearshoring acceleration, the region has become even more attractive for electronics production across the application spectrum. To be cost-competitive in the North American market, electronics assembly operations must maximize the return on every hardware, software, and personnel asset. Our guests learned how ASMPT delivers on these objectives.”

Driving Efficiency at Every Level

Kicking off the Technology Days program, ASMPT delivered a broad overview of the Intelligent Factory, OEE (overall equipment efficiency), and the integrated equipment and software technologies that drive, measure, and analyze hardware reliability, speed, and productivity. Program participants then took part in four workshops that offered a deep dive into specific topics focused on customers’ manufacturing priorities, including:

  • Better Visibility – This module covered equipment performance, with actionable optimization made possible through ASMPT’s rich data delivery. Factory Equipment Center software for equipment support and maintenance and WORKS Performance Monitor for real-time line transparency were demonstrated.
  • Smarter Operators – Maximizing personnel resources is vital in the Intelligent Factory, and this session allowed attendees to visualize how ASMPT enables operator efficiency. With the SIPLACE TX at the center of the presentation, participants interacted with WORKS Command Center to experience how staff can be efficiently deployed throughout the factory.
  • More Capability – Here, the flexibility and scalability of the SIPLACE SX platform were demonstrated. Features such as odd-shaped component (OSC) placement, LED centering, onboard dispensing, and expansive placement head technologies were of great interest to Technology Days guests.
  • Higher Yield – Among ASMPT’s latest innovations is the DEK TQ print platform, which can run continuously for eight hours while maximizing yield. During this module, the technologies that drive this market-leading performance were showcased. These include a split-cover design for non-stop paste replenishment, off-belt printing, versatile clamping, and smart pin placement.

Ogden noted that ASMPT’s holistic Intelligent Factory offering has demonstrable results. “Our technologies have enabled customers to quantify dramatic speed, uptime, quality, and output improvements, while offering extreme flexibility for dynamic operational conditions. For North American manufacturing competitiveness, these factors are imperative. Juarez Technology Days guests saw this first-hand and, consequently, are further exploring ASMPT solutions.”

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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