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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

ASM stencil printer DEK TQ Next Generation


Compact top performance for flexible SMT automation

With the next generation of the DEK TQ stencil printer, ASM presents the ideal combination of high-end quality and flexible automation. With its wet-print accuracy of ±17.5 microns @ 2 Cpk and core cycle time of as little as 5 seconds, the DEK TQ sets new records in terms of performance, efficiency, and precision. New features like Smart Pin Placement and DEK All Purpose Clamping allow users to advance their factory’s degree of automation in accordance with their needs. In addition, the DEK was designed for operator-less runtimes of eight hours and more while open interfaces ensure its quick and easy integration into the Integrated Smart Factory environment.

The DEK TQ is the solder paste printer of choice for companies that want to automate their SMT production because it allows them to select the degree of automation in accordance with their individual requirements. To minimize manual assists, the DEK TQ features an optional automatic paste management system with integrated paste application and paste height control. In addition, the optional dual-access cover makes it possible to switch out paste cartridges without having to interrupt the machine’s operation. Both options pay for themselves after only a few months compared to manual operation.

Eight and more hours of uninterrupted operation

With its highly efficient understencil cleaning system featuring an extra-large fabric roll and a cleaning fluid tank that holds seven liters, the printer operates for at least eight hours with no operator assist depending on the cleaning requirements. Like the solder paste, the cleaning fluid tank can be refilled without having to stop the printer since the tank is split into a 5-liter main tank and a 2-liter buffer tank.

NEW: Smart Pin Placement

The optional Smart Pin Placement gives electronics manufacturers another opportunity to reduce manual assists. Two pin sizes (diameters of 4 mm and 12 mm) can be positioned automatically. After placing them, the printer automatically verifies their position and height, with the latter feature being unique in the industry.

Open interfaces like IPC-Hermes-9852, Closed-Loop-to-SPI, ASM OIB and IPC CFX make it easy to integrate the DEK TQ into the Smart Integrated Factory and deliver additional investment protection.

The benchmark for high-volume production

The DEK TQ sets new standards in performance, efficiency, and precision. In a footprint of only 1.3 by 1.0 meters, the high-volume printer achieves a core cycle time of as little as five seconds for maximum throughput. With high-precision linear drives, off-belt printing, innovative clamping systems and a more advanced print head, the DEK TQ achieves a wet print accuracy of ±17.5 microns @ 2 Cpk. This makes it possible to print pads for 0201 metric components and other modern ultra-fine-pitch applications with exceptional reliability. In addition, two DEK TQs can be operated back-to-back on SMT lines with dual conveyors, thus doubling the line’s paste printing capacity in one fell swoop.

DEK All Purpose Clamping: Printing almost to the edge

DEK All Purpose Clamping (APC) is a universal and extremely flexible clamping system from ASM. It can clamp from above, laterally, or in foilless mode – just as the application requires. Even warped circuit boards are securely held in place. In addition, the upper clamping bars are flexibly mounted, which makes it possible for them to retract to the level of the board’s upper edge. As a result, the DEK TQ can print in areas very close to the edge reliably and with excellent quality. DEK APC adapts automatically and reliably to the shape and thickness of the printed circuit board. Boards with varying thicknesses and non-parallel edges are no longer a problem. All this is made possible by software-controlled linear drives that leave the user in complete control. The clamping is configured in software for each job, and sensors monitor the programmed clamping force. Settings made as part of the product setup can be saved for future jobs. The bottom line: Significant time savings, more paste printing possibilities, and more printing process stability.

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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