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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

ASM presents itself as a transformation partner


Solutions for the integrated smart factory

Technology leader ASM rolls out many innovations and showcases its broad portfolio or hardware and software solutions at this year’s Productronica trade fair in Munich (booth A3/377). At the center of the 800-square-meter booth is the Integrated Smart Factory Arena with its high-flex and high-speed lines demonstrating the latest generations of the SIPLACE SX and SIPLACE TX placement platforms, the high-precision ASM ProcessLens 5D SPI system, and the completely new DEK TQ printer platform. In live shows, ASM also presents their automated, AIV-supported material logistics with the latest generation of the ASM Material Tower and innovations like the ASM AutoRefill Feeder. And to coordinate people, machines, materials and processes in the integrated smart factory, ASM offers a wide-ranging portfolio of software with innovations like the ASM Command Center, the ASM Production Planner, and the ASM Equipment Center for maintenance and asset management. With ASM FactoryChat, the company establishes an entirely new software category. The professional app combines a chat application’s ease of use with the special digital communication requirements of the electronics manufacturing world. One of its innovations is its ability to let machines participate in the team communication. ASM provides the basis for this comprehensive integration on all operational levels with open interfaces as well as standardized protocols and integration platforms from the shop floor to the cloud.

“This year we show how our innovative hardware and software solutions let you synchronize people, machines, materials and processes to the fullest. We are the first manufacturer to establish integrated and open data communication from the individual machine to the line, the factory, and the cloud. We also make sure that our solutions can be retrofitted and implemented in stages so that existing factories can benefit from these improvements in quality, productivity and flexibility as well. We are the electronics manufacturers’ powerful partner for the step-by-step transformation to the integrated smart factory,” summarizes Fuyan Yang, head of ASM SMT Solution Marketing, the company’s Productronica program.

DEK TQ printing platform and 5D SPI system set new standards

At its high-speed line with its compact SIPLACE TX high-performance modules, ASM presents two Productronica highlights in dual-lane mode: the totally new DEK TQ stencil printer and the ASM ProcessLens 5D inline SPI system. With its precise linear drives, off-belt printing, innovative clamping systems and an innovative printhead, the DEK TQ achieves an accuracy rating of ±17.5 µm @ 2 Cpk while running for up to eight hours with no assists. The ASM ProcessLens benefits electronics manufacturers in several ways. The 5D SPI system is not only highly precise and extremely flexible, it can also be upgraded to the self-learning ASM ProcessExpert with the ASM ProcessEngine software.

A new level of flexibility: SIPLACE SX

Interchangeable gantries, superior placement head technologies and advanced feeder and conveyor options make the SIPLACE SX an extremely flexible and scalable placement platform. The improved vision system of the latest generation uses 3D imaging to recognize damaged components, and the optional OSC package makes the reliable placement of snap-ins, radial, axial and odd-shaped components possible.

Live at the line: Integrated material logistics and automated setup changeovers

For the storage and setup preparation area, ASM presents factory solutions for managing setup changeovers and automating them with the help of AIV. One core component is the new ASM AutoRefill Feeder. With its automatic tape insert for two component reels, it simplifies and accelerates all setup and refill processes.

ASM factory solutions at a glance

On a large control wall, technology leader ASM gives Productronica visitors an overview of its rapidly growing software portfolio. The ASM Command Center deserves special mention, because it captures requests from the networked machines and assigns them to pools of operators covering multiple lines automatically, prioritized, and based on their individual skills. This approach revolutionizes the classic organization of SMT line operations and makes the electronics manufacturer’s labor utilization much more efficient.

Like a chat app, only better: ASM FactoryChat

ASM FactoryChat establishes a software category of its own by digitizing and simplifying the communication on the factory floor. The chat application works like familiar consumer apps but meets special requirements on IT and data security. Thanks to its ANSI/ISA-95 compliant structure, chats can be sorted and searched by machine, line, or location. As a special feature, ASM FactoryChat allows machines to send status messages and actively participate in the team communication, making it the perfect tool for accessing all production-relevant information anytime and anywhere. Complete shift reports can also be generated with a few clicks.

ASM Service 4.0 initiative

ASM’s solutions for maintaining the integrated smart factory center around the ASM Equipment Center. For the first time, this service management software integrates machines from all vendors and enables teams to optimize maintenance activities in accordance with the agile production approach. The fabLive module visualizes the factory floor as a ‘digital twin’ and indicates the status of the networked machines with color codes (red, amber, green). Other Service 4.0 exhibits feature the ASM Remote Smart Factory remote maintenance solution, the ASM Academy training platform, and the ASM Webshop for the easy and optionally automatic ordering of ASM parts and consumables.

Advanced packaging for automotive applications

ASM dedicates a special area of its booth to advanced packaging solutions for automotive applications such as electrification, assistance systems and connectivity. The spectrum ranges from fan-out wafer-level packaging with the SIPLACE CA and silver sintering with the AMS SilverSAM to high-precision die-bonding with the new Amicra CoS and active alignment of optical sensors and lenses with the new Autopia.

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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