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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

Process Traceability for Advanced Packaging


Process Traceability with every placement of die and components, in a smart factory environment

In addition to traceability of single component for die picked from wafer, did you know that the SIPLACE CA also provide track-and-log capability for more than 40 process attributes during the placement process via an open interface? Find out more below.

SIPLACE CA is one of ASM placement platforms, ideal for Advanced Packaging applications – flexibly placing bare dies directly from the wafer with classic feeder-based SMT placement. Besides being the world’s first platform that combines chip assembly and SMT placement in a single machine, it ensures that for every placement you’re doing, there’s process traceability.

Semiconductor companies have always relied on the standards of SECS/GEM (SEMI Equipment Communication Standards / Generic Equipment Model) for optimizing their semiconductor manufacturing. SECS/GEM provided a generic communication interface between machine and systems and allow easy access to data such as Status Data Collections, Trace Data Collection, Alarms Management, as well as machine control such as Spooling, Remote Command.

Typically for flip chip or placement equipment, these standards are used to do remote control (offline, online, remote command), select and download recipes for products; error or alarm notification, and for traceability data collection.

For the SIPLACE CA, this also includes single component traceability data which provides information on which component from which feeder/wafer is placed on which substrate, at what location, and at which date/time stamp.

Taking this one step further, in addition to component traceability, SIPLACE CA provides process data interface (PDI) via OIB which means that this can also be collected using the SECS/GEM interface.

What is PDI? This is a series of information on more than 40 process attributes per placement position as the placement process is happening.

These process attributes range from:

  • Pickup eg actual pick position, pickup location id
  • Dipping eg result, timestamp
  • Measurement eg result (any deviations), camera ID
  • Placement eg actual place position, reference designator (ref.desig.), vacuum values

Benefits of having these information:

  • Troubleshoot/narrowing down placement inaccuracy
  • Monitor certain critical process parameters in real-time
  • Able to know and can adopt timely counter-measures.
  • For future and further analysis, trouble-shooting or traceability if and when required

One more thing: In addition to process data, maintenance data is also available to support preventive maintenance program.

So much for a world-class SIPLACE CA, You get a flexible placement machine, with high accuracy placement and one that is integrated with PDI to minimize placement errors and support preventive maintenance.

Definitely a choice for Advanced Packaging and to integrate into a smart factory environment.

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