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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

SIPLACE TX micron: Placement for Advanced Packaging industries


Your solution to placing smaller packages at high speed and accuracy

The thirst for data in the information age is driving exponential growth in connected devices year on year. And what all these applications, be it IoTs, mobile or wearable devices have in common is their significantly higher need for performance and functionality coupled with shrinking package sizes in terms of both area and height.

These requirements are driving the packaging industry towards advanced packages like multi-die packages and Systems-in-Packages (SiPs).

Assemblies of these packages has shifted the paradigm of conventional SMT processes. As such, manufacturing equipments, devices and gadgets now need to

  • assemble smaller devices in shrinking real estate with higher density and tighter pitch
  • able to handle thinner more fragile components without sacrificing throughput
  • modular and flexible to cope with shorter product life cycle and new product introduction

The SIPLACE TX micron is specifically designed to meet the challenges of the advanced packaging industry. High resolution glass scales, glass ceramics fiducials and state-of-the-art linear drive system enables the SIPLACE TX micron to reach up to 78,000 cph at an accuracy of 15 μm @ 3σ. Programmable low placement force (0.5 N) and “Touchless Placement” mode ensures that fragile or sensitive components will not be damaged during the high speed placement process.

All in all, the SIPLACE TX micron sets the new standard in high volume production of SiPs to meet the projected explosion in demand, and yet at its highest yield and quality.

For more information about the SIPLACE TX micron, please visit our website and brochure.

You could also watch a video on SIPLACE TX micron on our youtube channel – ASM SMT Solutions.

Or, if you like to understand more about the SIPLACE TX micron, please contact us at

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