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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

ASMPT at Nepcon Asia 2021 in Shenzhen


Integrated smart factory with automated material supply

Shanghai, China – October 11, 2021. Technology leader ASMPT will present a multitude of innovative solutions for the integrated smart factory at the Nepcon Asia 2021 trade fair in Shenzhen (October 20 to October 22, Booth 1J80,Hall 17), including a completely new generation of the ASM Material Tower for AIV-supported material flow processes, the high-precision Process Lens SPI system, and new component feeders. In the Factory Solutions segment, ASMPT will present innovations for highly efficient asset and maintenance management, software-supported operator pool management with ASM Command Center, and the manufacturing execution system (MES) from Critical Manufacturing and SKT. Under the motto “A day at the factory”, visitors of ASMPT’s Experience Area will see live demonstrations of a wide range of application scenarios with smart ASM hardware and software solutions and even be able to try some of them out themselves.

“The integrated smart factory requires the optimized interaction of powerful hardware and smart software solutions in order to efficiently integrate and synchronize the resources man, equipment, material, and process,” explains Herbert Hofmann, Vice President and Managing Director of ASM Assembly Systems China. “Visitors can slip into various SMT production roles at the ASM booth and see for themselves how ASM solutions raise performance, quality and efficiency to a completely new level. We will show how factories can be made even more efficient, productive and resilient with autonomous transport robots as well as smart factory solutions such as ASM Factory Equipment Center, ASM Command Center, or the MES solutions of the ASMPT subsidiaries Critical Manufacturing and SKT, which is designed especially for SMT production environments.

ASM Experience Area

In the Experience Area of the ASM booth, visitors will find a complete SMT line with a DEK TQ printer and the Process Lens inline SPI solution, SIPLACE TX placement machines, and the new ASM Material Tower storage system. They can see how ASM Command Center guides operator pools through the refilling process and provides support for remote machine access. Autonomous intelligent vehicles (AIVs) can massively reduce time-consuming trips and manual operations, as the ASM Nepcon booth will demonstrate with automated material transports from the automatic storage system to the line as well as the automatic exchange of changeover tables while the production keeps running. Technologies like virtual and augmented reality make the user experience even more vivid and exciting for visitors.

Even more possibilities

The capacity of the new generation of the modular and flexibly scalable ASM Material Tower automatic storage system has been expanded significantly to make the supply of materials close to the line even more efficient. Multiple towers can be combined into a connected main storage solution, and the fully automated exchange of materials between towers called “chaining” makes it possible to collect component packages in a single tower for setup-optimized material issues in order to minimize the number of output processes. The ASM Material Tower is thus ready for fully automated, AIV-supported material flow processes in the integrated smart factory.

With the Process Lens, the technology leader will show his extremely innovative SPI system that not only sets new standards for printing process control with its accuracy, efficiency, and measurement range flexibility but has undergone further improvements in terms of speed and user-friendliness. And by simply adding software, the user can upgrade the SPI solution to the Process Expert, the world’s only self-learning expert system. This future-proof solution for autonomous process optimization on SMT lines has now been integrated into the ASM Works software infrastructure solution. Via the ASM Software Equipment Connector, it can now also evaluate data from AOI systems of other major manufacturers.

ASM will also show new component feeding systems, including a new SIPLACE Tray Unit with up to 42 carrier systems in sizes of up to 370 by 290 millimeters for two JEDEC trays each. For interruption-free production, the system can be refilled in only about three seconds per carrier.

More efficient maintenance – also for non-ASM machines

With the capability of integrating any machines, systems, components and tools, electronics manufacturers can build with the ASM Equipment Center for the first time a centralized, transparent and site-wide system for asset and maintenance management. The solution covers all maintenance steps in workflows and automates them wherever possible – from central planning to tracking and sensor monitoring to automated documentation. In addition to saving users a lot of money and time in maintenance processes, the system provides them with the technological basis for forward-looking concepts such as predictive maintenance already today.

Efficient operator deployment across lines

With ASM Command Center, the technology leader’s process experts put an end to classic models’ rigid assignment of operators to lines. The software permanently monitors all production lines and evaluates their data and status messages. It then bundles and prioritizes the production requirements in order to assign tasks in a proactive and targeted manner to operators and technicians who have the appropriate training for each particular task. The solution also makes it possible to carry out many tasks remotely from anywhere. Operator teams managed via ASM Center can thus support more lines and function much more efficiently.

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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