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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

Service 4.0 solutions:


The future runs on software

To run an integrated smart factory with its high flexibility focus on deadlines, you need a proactive service management system, which is why technology leader ASM is presenting its Service 4.0 initiative at this year’s Productronica (booth A3/377). Many innovations demonstrate what connectivity, integration, predictive maintenance and new software technologies can accomplish for service and maintenance in electronics production. The bandwidth ranges from digital learning to the ASM Remote Smart Factory maintenance solution with its special security features. With its ASM Equipment Center, ASM places a totally new and comprehensive service management software system at the center of its Service 4.0 strategy that enables service teams to optimize the planning and execution of maintenance activities in line with the ‘agile production’ approach. Service 4.0 can reduce troubleshooting calls and related production stops to an absolute minimum.

With its ASM Equipment Center, technology leader ASM sets once again new standards. For the first time, a service management solution can integrate machines from various vendors, which is a vital prerequisite for the proactive maintenance of complex modern manufacturing environments.

Centralized service call planning

The core function of ASM Equipment Center is its transparent and efficient service planning based on maintenance calendars for each machine. The system imports these calendars and other information from ASM machines such as manuals, job cards or checklists, and it does most of this automatically. Data and digital documents for machines from other makers can be added manually or created within the tool.

All of this makes ASM Equipment Center the central maintenance information hub for all plant components that enables the user’s service technicians to plan their activities centrally and transparently with a single application.

With fabLive, the developers have also added a state-of-the-art MES module from Critical Manufacturing, the Portuguese MES and integration specialist that ASM invested in, in 2018. With fabLive, the user can visualize the entire factory in the form of a detailed ‘digital twin’. Here, too, the required data of ASM solutions is read automatically, while data from other machines can be imported or generated in fabLive.

Digital twin and predictive maintenance

Because it is linked to the machines, fabLive is also able to capture the data which the sensors in ASM’s printing and placement solutions collect for predictive maintenance and schedule maintenance activities in a more as-needed manner than traditional maintenance calendars. Via interfaces, machines from other manufacturers can be integrated as well.

Using color codes, the system displays the status of each machine to the service staff. They can thus see at a glance whether a machine will need maintenance soon or is already overdue. Other machine-related information can be called up from the dashboard as well.

ASM Equipment Center does not just receive data from machines and components, it can also send them. For example, it can block the smart SMT feeders if they malfunctioned during the previous setup or have maintenance pending. This kind of interlocking prevents the deployment of faulty feeders and the resulting negative impact on yield and quality.

Innovative support for service technicians

With just a few clicks, ASM Equipment Center supplies service technicians with information such as manuals, explanatory videos or maintenance instructions on their mobile devices, giving it the functionality of an asset management system.

In addition, the software’s voice support makes it possible to acknowledge the execution of individual steps verbally and create a work report ‘hands-free’ that is automatically stored in the machine’s maintenance history. In addition to providing a central repository for maintenance reports, ASM Equipment Center can be linked to ASM’s maintenance and verification tools like the X-Feeder Verification Station import reports from them.

Software places orders in ASM Webshop

For quite some time, ASM has offered its customers the option to order parts and consumables online via the ASM Webshop. ASM Equipment Center makes this even easier with its ability to order sets of consumables and wear parts as needed and on its own via an optional interface. This ensures that the necessary materials will be available for upcoming maintenance activities.

Comprehensive service solution for the integrated smart factory

ASM is the first equipment manufacturer that supports electronics manufacturers with a comprehensive service and maintenance management solution in the integrated smart factory. Functions like maintenance planning, asset management, predictive maintenance support, the central archiving of documents and maintenance logs as well as the central interlocking of feeders make ASM Equipment Center an indispensable tool for service technicians in any high-mix and high-quality production environment.

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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