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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

Rent with flexibility: ASM Factory Equipment Center


Software for factory-wide asset and maintenance management

With its ASM Factory Equipment Center, ASM is now offering a powerful, integrated software-based solution for company-wide asset and maintenance management. You can plan, control, execute, support and document the maintenance and repairs of all ASM and non-ASM machines, feeders, production tools and placement heads centrally, including equipment in areas that are not part of your SMT production. Since you control the software via an approved browser, access is extremely easy and possible from most mobile devices. ASM is also forging new paths in terms of licensing with a demand-based rental model instead of having to purchase the software. Since the rental fee for ASM Factory Equipment Center is based on the number of assets being managed, transparent operating expenses replace investments and their complex depreciation calculations.

Only machines that are properly supported and maintained operate with maximum reliability, speed, and quality. “Even in small SMT factories, the diversity of systems and vendors poses major challenges for maintenance and service teams. Since there has been a lack of comprehensive, integrated solutions so far, even large factories frequently keep track of their equipment with manual and error-prone Excel lists, paper printouts and binders,” explains Oliver Kraus, SMT Solutions Manager at ASM Assembly Systems. “Fortunately, ASM Factory Equipment Center now offers a comprehensive, integrated solution for non-proprietary and factory-wide asset and maintenance management. All steps from visualization and planning to the provision of maintenance instructions and checklists to tracking, monitoring and reporting can be handled with a single software tool.”

Non-proprietary and company-wide

ASM Factory Equipment Center integrates all machines in a single software solution for asset and maintenance management. If the equipment is from ASM, all basic data, configurations, maintenance calendar and instructions are automatically available as soon as the machine is installed. Data from other manufacturers’ machines can be imported or edited and saved (in cases where the manufacturer does not provide this information electronically).

Since the service teams must often maintain machines in non-SMT areas, ASM Equipment Center can also be used to manage all kinds of equipment irrespective of their purpose and manufacturer. This makes it possible to run a centralized, transparent, and much more efficient asset and maintenance management system.

Support for the entire maintenance workflow

ASM Factory Equipment Center covers the complete maintenance chain: visualization of all recorded assets, scheduling and task assignments, provision of maintenance instructions and checklists, tracking of sensor data, systems monitoring, and the automated reporting of maintenance activities.

With a few clicks, users can check status information for all machines, assign pending tasks to service technicians via e-mail, retrieve information on required wear parts and replacement parts, and obtain checklists for carrying out the necessary maintenance work. To save time and minimize errors, technicians can also request multimedia-based support.

The fact that the proven ASM Remote Smart Factory remote maintenance solution is fully integrated into ASM Factory Equipment Center is another benefit when accessing machine settings or installing updates.

Smart feeder management

ASM Factory Equipment Center also features a comprehensive feeder management system that keeps track of each feeder’s maintenance and troubleshooting history in real time and includes repair and maintenance instructions. Powerful filters allow you to search your asset inventory down to identifying especially trouble-prone components.

Rent instead of buy: Browser-based solution for a lean IT

Users access the functions of ASM Factory Equipment Center via the browser on their stationary and/or mobile devices (PC, notebook, tablet, or smartphone). The software is installed only once on a central in-house server, and the users’ roles and permissions are managed via an easy-to-use administrative interface. This lean software architecture eliminates the need for cumbersome installations and updates on clients while ensuring exceptional flexibility with full data sovereignty.

ASM Factory Equipment is being offered via scalable rental licenses to make asset and maintenance management as flexible as possible. Customers purchase time-limited license packages for the number of assets they want to manage. When more equipment is added, additional licenses can be purchased on the spot. Since these licenses qualify as transparent and easy-to-calculate operating expenses, no investment costs with their complex depreciation calculations are incurred. There are also no update costs since ASM always provides the latest software version as part of the rental agreement.

For more information ASM Factory Equipment Centers software functions and licenses click here.

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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