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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

Shouldn't everyone in the production floor have the same KPI mindset and knowing if you are on the way to success?


ASM Works - Upgrade Module ASM Performance Monitor

Implementing Kanban is simple using our ASM Performance Monitor (APM) which displays the most important KPI for the company and guides the entire production floor to achieving it!

Kanban method is widely practiced in manufacturing and one of the key methods is to display clearly at the production floor visible KPIs to synchronize everyone to a common target and goal.

Such approach is in line with the “Industry 4.0” and “Smart Factory” vision of ASM where KPIs are measured and monitored in real time, auto-triggering notification to the various stakeholders such as Process Engineer and Production Manager, and automatically reporting and archiving monitored production information without further manual efforts.

Reports with all the calculated and monitored KPIs for the shift can be automatically generated and made available to any users who have the access rights to the shared reporting folder. Furthermore, all data collected can be analysed as part of the historical analysis.

One interesting feature is the monitoring of Component Waste Cost which is a very important aspect of the overall cost per placement which is normally calculated to understand the value of the line. In APM, we present it clearly with direct input from your purchasing on the costs of each component type.

Another unique feature of APM is the ability to integrate with any AOI machine for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculation with actual yield data. This makes all KPI calculations easy to monitor and automated. Any AOI connectivity is possible as we work with the IPC CFX standard and that extends the scope to a full line support, therefore making APM more effective as a one-stop monitoring solution.

APM, not only monitors and provides important KPIs in real time, but assists the production floor team to meet their KPIs.

Together with ASM, we will help you embark on this journey and build your Smart Factory and be ready and resilient for the uncertain times ahead.

For more information about ASM Performance Monitor, please contact:

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