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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

ASMPT Semiconductor Solutions at Electronica 2022


Bonding with maximum precision

ASMPT Semiconductor Solutions (SEMI), a leading maker of mainstream and advanced equipment for semiconductor assembly and packaging, will exhibit its solutions at the Electronica 2022 trade fair being held November 15 to 18 in Munich. The main focus of the company’s presence (Hall C3, Booth 119) will be on wire bonding and die bonding machines.

Miniaturization, cost pressures and higher demands on performance and functionality are just a few of the factors driving innovation in electronics manufacturing. One important approach to meeting these requirements is the integration of passive components in a package by integrating them into a printed circuit board or by combining the entire structure in a fan-out package (advanced packaging).

In the data center, the exponentially rising volume of data requires ever faster processing speeds. To meet this need, ASMPT will present ultra high-precision placement solutions for co-packaged optics where conventional copper wires are increasingly being replaced with faster and less trouble-prone fiberoptic connectors.

Two solutions form the main focus of ASMPT Semiconductor Solutions’ presence at the Electronica

Eagle AERO: A gold and copper wire-bonder

The Eagle AERO opens a new dimension in high-end IC applications. Thanks to its innovative bonding process (X-Power), copper wire connections can be generated 30 percent faster than with previous bonders. The Eagle AERO can create up to 24 2-millimeter connections per second with a bonding accuracy to 2,0 μm at 3 σ and a ball size that can be reduced to 22 μm.

ASMPT’s AEROEYE real-time monitoring technology is in line with the trend towards Industry 4.0. Without compromising the machine’s UPH performance, it continuously checks critical parameters such as process stability and repeat accuracy along with other important bonding parameters. This ensures that the Eagle AERO delivers maximum performance at all times and any problems are recognized at an early stage. AEROEYE is the first step towards SkyEye, ASMPT Semiconductor Solutions’ approach to fully AIoT-supported production.


The AMICRA NANO supports all types of die-attach and flip-chip applications and achieves a placement accuracy Cmk value of ±0.2 μm at 3 σ. A high-resolution optical system with CCD cameras permanently monitors each part throughout the entire alignment and bonding process. A granite base place and bonding stage with high-precision linear motors minimizes any interfering vibrations.

The AMICRA NANO’s die-bonding technology was designed specifically for the photonics assembly market, where super-accurate positioning is required for the eutectic high-speed Au-Sn bonding process. To accomplish this, four imaging systems are firmly mounted on a massive base plate while all other motion controlled components move around the cameras.

More than bonding

“ASMPT SEMI’s offerings range from film deposition to bonding, molding and trim-and-form to the integration of machines into complete inline systems for microelectronic, semiconductor, photonic, optoelectronic and end applications," explains Hubert Herzberg, Senior Director ASMPT SEMI Europe. "At our booth, visitors can see our industry-leading solutions in action and discuss their individual requirements with our experts."

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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