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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus



High speed solution for Advanced Packaging

Are you ready for 5G, Internet of Things and a highly integrated and connected world? With these being introduced into the markets in the coming years, the trend of modularisation that started with the smartphone looks set to continue into many other products.

Electronic manufacturers are demanding for greater flexibility, faster time to market, as well as lower costs to produce electronics devices to ensure widespread adoption. This will in turn drive exponential growth for modules with increasing functionality within thinner and lighter form factors. Advanced packaging technologies such as SiPs (on substrate or wafer), embedded dies and fan-out packages which incorporates embedded devices, both passives and active dies have emerged as the solution. With this comes the need for a new generation of assembly equipment to address the manufacturing of converging and increasingly modularised SMT and microelectronics assemblies.

Combining the capabilities of a high speed SMT placement equipment and the die bonding function of a die bonder, the SIPLACE CA is developed for Advanced Packaging assembly.

Highlights of the SIPLACE CA:

  • Flexible to place a combination of multiple dies from wafers, ICs and passives from trays and tapes onto substrates ranging from organic strips, wafers, and panels up to 685mm x 650 mm in size.
  • Highly accurate placement ideal for Wafer/Panel Fan-out and Embedded Die applications.
  • An enabler for a variety of multi-die heterogenous integrated SIP or modules packaging for wide ranging consumer and specialised applications requiring direct feeding from wafer
  • Runs a top speed in excess of 126k cph from tapes, or up to 46k cph for flip chip dies from wafer

SIPLACE CA provides the best platform to meet the need for higher productivity, lesser labour, and for better floor space performance.

To learn more about the SIPLACE CA, and advance packaging, please check out this video.

For more information, please contact us at

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