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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

Autonomous process optimization in the Integrated Smart Factory: ASM ProcessExpert


ASM had developed the world’s first inline expert system for electronics manufacturing

Learn how ASM is ushering a new era for autonomous process optimization with the ASM ProcessExpert

Increased competition, demand for faster deliveries and a greater number of product models and customization means that only electronics manufacturers who prioritize reductions in time to market and improvements in efficiency will maintain a competitive edge. To help them achieve their goals, ASM has developed the world’s first inline expert system for electronics manufacturing, the ASM ProcessExpert.

ASM ProcessExpert comprises of 2 parts:

  • ASM ProcessLens, a 5D Solder Paste Measuring system with world-leading accuracy
  • ASM ProcessEngine, a software which uses big data technology to stabilize, automatically optimize and pro-actively control the solder paste print process.

Developed exclusively for ASM ProcessExpert, ASM ProcessLens sets new benchmarks in accuracy, flexibility, reliability and speed. Collecting data on the print quality is the first step in optimizing the print process. Instead of the traditional SPIs that also use Moiré finge; ASM ProcessLens uses a special chip holding 8 million electronically controlled micro-mirrors, creating a Digital Light Projector (DLP) system to measure solder paste with more precision and flexibility.The reliability is further enhanced by combining 2D and 3D measurements, resulting in the industry’s lowest false call rates.

Detecting defect boards post-print has traditionally been the main function of SPIs with closed loop control of alignment.

With ASM ProcessExpert, you will be able to optimize your process even before the stencil is ordered, by our 3-step workflow.

  1. DFM HealthCheck analyzes a stencil gerber and highlights potential issues that can be caused by stencil design, printer setup, paste selection and print process parameters. This allows you to get it right the first time, greatly improving New Product Introduction (NPI) efficiency.
  2. In the Process Characterization step, it aims to reduce the workload of your engineers and to improve the reliability of your print process. ASM ProcessExpert takes control of a DEK printer and automatically adjusts the print offset and the clean rate. By using a process knowledge database, statistical models and advanced algorithms, ASM ProcessExpert outperforms what closed loop interfaces are able to achieve, at the same requiring significantly lower number of printed boards. Using the Fractional Factorial experiment, ASM ProcessExpert automatically modifies the print pressure, print speed and stencil separation speed of the DEK printer in order to improve the standard deviation of the print process, while not creating defect boards.
  3. Lastly, in the Process Control step, ASM ProcessExpert proactively monitors the print process and continues making adjustments as required, even triggering emergency cleaning when bridging defects are detected.

As result, customers can:

  • Stable printing processes
  • Significant time and cost savings
  • Better yield
  • More productive line with less operator assistance

With ASM ProcessExpert, you are ready to usher in a new era for autonomous process optimization in electronics manufacturing, putting you in a better position against your competitors.

To know more about the ASM ProcessExpert, you may refer to our brochure (

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