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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

ASM Works – Upgrade Module: ASM Command Center


Managing operators automatically using intelligent software guidance and workload balancing? It’s no longer a dream!

Operators working seamlessly as a team with predictive alerts for non-stop production

With Industry 4.0, all manufacturers are expecting intelligent operators that can run the line efficiently and thereby reducing extra manpower. The dream is to create a “dream team” of operators that work cohesively and effectively, thereby making the line run non-stop!

At ASM, we would like to tell you that it’s no longer a dream. With ASM Command Center, operators are guided based on job scope, priority of assists and even based on the operators’ skillset. That is how our intelligent software helps to make anyone possible to be part of the “dream team”.

ASM Command Center basically guides operators to 2 types of assists.

  1. Local: Using Smart watches for operators to alert them and direct them to the exact spot that needs attention (eg. Refilling reels, machine errors like jammed feeder etc)
  2. Remote: Using a Remote Cockpit for resolving issues that don’t require the operators to be physically present at the line (eg. AOI false call validation, vision failure due to component centering etc).

By using this strategy, we maximise the productivity of each operator since they no longer need to regularly stay at each line. This promotes the concept of operator pool where resources can be shared between lines and therefore, reduce the required number of operators.

But the intelligence does not stop there! It extends easily to other equipment in your line using the most common CFX IPC protocol, ASM Command Center can alert your operators to any other machines in the line. This expands the scope to a full line support and therefore making the operator pool even more effective and comprehensive.

ASM Command Centre integrates seamlessly to your hardware and software, building that “dream team”, the Smart Factory of yours, ready and resilient for the uncertain times ahead.

For more information about ASM Command Center, please contact:

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