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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

ASMPT SMT Solutions brings ASMPT Innovation Centre Singapore to you


Experience the latest SMT solutions right from the comfort of your office chair

This is the second part of our series on ASMPT Innovation Centre Singapore, as we cover what you can see in the facility and the possibilities you can do with it. This includes bringing the demonstrations of ASMPT SMT latest solutions in the Innovation Centre to you, with no time or distance restrictions.

ASMPT Innovation Centre Singapore is a facility to showcase the capabilities of our platforms and solutions, it is also a melting pot of ideas to seek support and expertise, to exploring new processes to push for efficiencies.

While we continue to push the boundaries for new manufacturing processes, ASMPT Innovation Centre also pushes the boundaries in regards to how we can share our solutions and demonstrations better with our customers.

At times, do you feel that someone is blocking your view during a demonstration? The chair is just not comfortable to sit through hours of presentation?

Such environmental factors will no longer pose as a problem.

ASMPT Innovation Centre Singapore is going virtual!

Watching ASMPT SMT Solutions’ demonstrations performed on the machines and software, no longer has to be done when you’re physically present in the ASMPT Innovation Centre. You can watch it from the comfort of your very own chair, or even when you’re commuting, on your own screen. Time and distance will no longer be factors that can stop you from viewing demonstration concepts at ASMPT Innovation Centre Singapore.

There will be live streaming directly from our ASMPT Innovation Centre Singapore. Demonstration, images of the machines, software GUI and our ASMPT Experts will be shown to you live via various camera angles.

Get to witness demonstrations such as:

  • Printing capabilities of our DEK NeoHorizon
  • Inspection solutions with our ASM ProcessExpert and ASM ProcessLens
  • Placement of 0201M components and odd-shaped packages with SIPLACE TX and SIPLACE SX, without compromising the speed
  • The seamless connection between the ASM smart solutions such as ASM Command Centre and ASM Remote Smart Factory with DEK & SIPLACE platforms
  • Advanced Packaging solutions on DEK Galaxy and SIPLACE CA

You will still get direct exchanges with our ASMPT experts and a deep insight into our ASMPT SMT solutions - without having to travel, and with less budget. Same bang, but with less buck. All you need is an internet connection

So, stay tuned to our upcoming news on more information about the live streaming sessions.

For more information, please contact

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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