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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

Test for free with fully functional 60-day license


Software for non-proprietary communication and knowledge transfer on the shop floor

A new kind of software finally puts an end to messages like “Instruction not received”, “Documentation not available”, or “Troubleshooting tip not received”. ASM FactoryChat is the first professional messenger software for secure communication and the reliable transfer of knowledge in electronics production. ASM Factory keeps messages from employees and management, shift reports, machine documentations, work instructions, videos and more at the ready by locations, lines, machines, and software. Even messages and alarms from machines and software can be added to the shop floor communication with ASM FactoryChat and displayed in a browser. Also new is the licensing model: Customers can rent the software as needed and easily scale it up or down. And thanks to its open approach, ASM FactoryChat can be used with machines and systems from other suppliers in all areas, even outside of the SMT lines. For interested parties, ASM offers a free 60-day test license that is fully functional.

“Many of us use messenger and chat services like WhatsApp or WeChat privately. With ASM FactoryChat, we have developed a program that combines the convenience, simplicity and speed of such apps with professional data protection, IT security, and additional functions. Now the shop floor team can have all relevant information and solution approaches at its fingertips across shifts and locations, within the desired context, and clearly structured. After all, having the right information at your disposal when you need it prevents mistakes and speeds up the troubleshooting process, to name just two if its major benefits,” says Michaela Wagner, Account Manager Digital Products at ASMPT SMT Solutions.

With ASM FactoryChat, users can do much more than exchange messages quickly and easily with people, groups, or individual machines. The software provides a plethora of information on any browser-capable device. Examples include formal repair instructions or informal troubleshooting tips from fellow team members in the form of videos, photos or short texts. ASM FactoryChat makes employees much more efficient and prevents unscheduled line stops. The professional software structures the messages in accordance with the ANSI/ISA 95 standards and maps everything in a clear, production-related hierarchy (company, location, department, line, machine, software system, etc.). And since the solution is non-proprietary, it can handle the communication with all desired assets in the company.

Communication, documentation, and knowledge transfer

As a professional solution, ASM FactoryChat offers functions that go far beyond those found in common messenger services. For example, machines can send messages directly to operators and technicians. And the machine's chat history provides information about past messages and incidents. When another similar fault occurs, the system can therefore propose the solution that was most successful in the past.

The software supports the generation of shift reports, sends them to the right recipients, and archives them for access anytime and anywhere. Process descriptions, operating guides, maintenance and repair instructions, instruction videos, contact information for the right technicians, or manufacturer's data – ASM FactoryChat can store useful content for quick access in a wide range of formats.

Secure cloud solution

Users access the cloud-based ASM FactoryChat solution directly from their browser. No special software needs to be installed on clients or company servers. For maximum data security, state-of-the-art technologies and a proven system architecture protect against unauthorized access. Each customer's application software is stored in a well-protected area of the cloud, the so-called cloud tenant.

Scalable, demand-based rental model

ASM FactoryChat is offered based on a scalable subscription model. Customers purchase time-limited license packages for a certain number of assets tailored to their needs. The number of users, on the other hand, is unlimited. When the company grows and invests in additional machines, lines, or even entire departments or locations, the number of license packages can be flexibly increased for these new assets. Another smart feature: When individual assets are moved, all information and related communication are maintained and instantly visible for the teams at the new location.

The rental model of ASM FactoryChat relieves users from high initial investments as well as depreciation and updating expenses. ASM keeps the software current at all times as part of the rental agreement.

Test without obligation

Interested parties can now test a fully functional version of ASM FactoryChat for 60 days at no charge. The test version can be easily upgraded to a full version at any time – any data that has already been stored will be maintained. Otherwise, the test period ends automatically, and no costs are incurred.

Further information on ASM FactoryChat and the link to the trial version can be found at the following address:

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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