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SMT topics in focus

OnDemand - Facts on open automation

SMT topics in focus

OnDemand - Facts on open automation

Career Stories


HR Department

The best part of my job is getting to support and guide employees across the business. No day is the same which is what makes my role challenging and in turn rewarding. Everyone has such a positive outlook on what we do and what we want to deliver and it’s a great feeling knowing that we all have a clear goal in mind guided by our values.

My favourite thing about ASMPT is how helpful and friendly the co-workers are and the passion they show for what they do. I have had no previous experience in engineering, and I have been flooded by offers of other departments wanting to showcase what they do, so I can gain a better understanding.


Team Leader Software Engineering Department

I love working at ASMPT because of the global progression and development I have experienced. During my time I have developed massively as a person working in different job positions and in many different countries around the world, learning from all the talented people who work for ASMPT.

The best part of working as a software engineer at ASMPT is the instant work satisfaction of seeing the code you have been working on at your desk physically moving components on the printer in the machine test lab. This physical hardware interaction allows for a diverse software engineering experience that is hard to find.


Logistics Department

ASMPT gave me great on the job training to be able to competently fulfil my role. They offered me the chance to further my training by undertaking a diploma which I am already a year into. Both my manager and team offer me great support when I come across challenges not only in my diploma but in my day to day work too.

The flexitime working hours that ASMPT offer are a real benefit. It enables me to find a better work/life balance which is a real positive these days.

I’d say one of ASMPT’s strengths is not only that they invest in their employees’ careers, but they look after everyone’s wellbeing. This ranges from having onsite mental health first aiders who can offer support to the sports and social club who arrange the activities throughout the year.


Module Test Department

I take pleasure in working at ASMPT because of the opportunity to collaborate on challenging projects while improving my existing skills through the highly structured training programs. There is always a prospect of learning which makes my job exciting daily. The fact that I initially started as a placement student and returned after graduating university shows that ASMPT recognises that the individuals are one of its biggest assets and invests in various graduate and undergraduates’ programs to support this development.

ASMPT is a progressive organisation and that’s exactly why I love it here. I work for an organisation that does not stand still, it’s always looking for ways of expanding and investing in new innovative technologies and that makes it different from most other employers.




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