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SMT topics in focus

Interaktives eMagazin

SMT topics in focus

Interaktives eMagazin

MTP invests in SMT line

Nuremberg-based EMS provider MTP expands its SMT line with a SIPLACE SX2 placement machine, including accessories and software

Nuremberg-based EMS provider MTP has expanded its SMT operation by commissioning another SIPLACE SX2 placement machine from SMT, bringing the line software up-to-date, and introducing SIPLACE SiCluster software for setup optimization. MTP also procured a complete package of additional feeders and feeder carts, as well as a loader from manufacturer Asys. The goal of the total investment of roughly 400,000 euros is to further increase the performance and quality of MTP’s SMT production and enhance its competitiveness as an EMS provider.

Industrial electronics in units of hundreds and thousands

MTP serves mainly its sister companies within the GMC Instruments Group, which has locations in Nuremberg, Swabia, and Great Britain. Among these customers are Gossen Metrawatt, Gossen Foto- und Lichtmesstechnik, Kurth Electronic, GMC-I Service, and GMC-I PROSys. With its investments, service-oriented processes and EMS-trained staff, MTP is also increasingly addressing customers from outside of its corporate group. “The current upgrade of the SMT line increases our placement performance and production quality,” explains Dr. Markus Diehl, who moved one year ago to MTP as general manager from EMS provider Vierling. “MTP has the potential to play an important role in the EMS market segment for high-quality industrial electronics in the range of hundreds and thousands of units.” More investments have been planned for 2022 and 2023.

First orders up to 50 percent faster

MTP runs two SMT lines. Previously, the upgraded line consisted of an Ersa printer, two SIPLACE SX1 placement machines, and a Rehm reflow oven. MTP expanded the line by one SIPLACE SX2 machine with SIPLACE MultiStar and SIPLACE TwinStar heads, a complete set of additional feeders and feeder carts, and a new Asys loader. “We split and expanded the line just before the oven, added the SX2 as a new end-of-line machine, and moved the WPC (waffle pack changer) from the second SX1 to the SX2,” explains Diehl. The TwinStar head and the Si-Cluster software are particularly important for MTP. The TwinHead can place components that are up to 55 millimeters high, and the SiCluster software makes it possible to run family setups with permanent set-up feeder tables. “We were already up to 50 percent faster with the first test lots,” says Diehl.

Easy line conversion thanks to support from ASMPT

During the line conversion in early April, the MTP’s employees and the technicians from ASMPT were able to focus fully on integrating the SIPLACE SX2 and moving the WPC. The update of the line software and the installation of the SiCluster software had been prepared by MTP and ASMPT on separate computers already in January. MTP had also integrated the new Asys loader in January. “We shut down the line during the early shift on a Friday, and the first finished modules left the line during the second shift on the following Tuesday,” reports Andreas Vetter, SMT team leader at MTP. “This worked so well because of effective planning and most of all because of ASMPT’s outstanding support.” The technicians of ASMPT integrated the SX2 before converting the WPC. Afterwards, they continued to be available for a few days to remedy minor startup problems and train the SMT team on the new machine.

Proudly showing off the trouble-free line upgrade with an additional SIPLACE SX2 placement machine (left to right): Andreas Vetter, Team Leader SMT; Dr. Markus Diehl, General Manager; and Klaus Flug, Production Manager at EMS provider MTP in Nuremberg.

About MTP

MTP in Nuremberg is a provider of the complete range of electronics manufacturing services (EMS) relating to the production of electronic modules, devices and systems. The company supports its customers with a full range of services from development to prototyping to full-scale production, including consulting, procurement and logistics services as well as after-sales support. Its offerings comprise development support, NPI (new product introduction) services, industrial engineering, board assembly (SMT and THT), device manufacturing and systems integration, testing and inspection, as well as the production of injection-molded plastic parts and housings. MTP also provides a wide range of procurement and logistics services, including component selection services, obsolescence management, worldwide sourcing, and fulfillment services. The company’s customers come from a broad spectrum of industries such as automation technology, image processing, e-mobility, building automation, industrial electronics, communication technology, machine engineering, and measurement technology. They are located in the Nuremberg-Erlangen and Central Franconia regions as well as in the rest of Bavaria, Germany, and neighboring countries. As a separate legal entity within the GMC Industries Group, MTP employs roughly 120 people. More information:

MTP Messtechnik Produktions GmbH
Bremer Str. 11
90451 Nuremberg
Tel: +49 911 817717-0
Fax: +49 911 817717-80729

Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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