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SMT topics in focus


SMT topics in focus

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Open Automation

Modular. Flexible. Open.

The digital transformation and automation are closely linked in the implementation of Industry 4.0. As a technology leader with decades of experience, ASMPT knows how to make the most of both for the benefit of all electronics manufacturers.

With Open Automation, ASMPT has developed a concept that provides an alternative to fully automated shop floors because of their tendency to be inflexible and expensive. It allows electronics manufacturers to determine the degree and speed of their transition to automation in a way that works best for them because ASMPT’s modular approach combines seamless M2M communication with the ability to integrate third-party solutions and existing systems. As a tool for the economically feasible optimization of processes and for achieving gains in quality and efficiency, Open Automation gives electronics manufacturers the flexibility they need.

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Proven in practice

The Open Automation concept was THE highlight at the Productronica 2021, getting an entire industry excited from the start.

Interested? Our experts Rob Raine and Alexander Hagenfeldt demonstrate in an impressive presentation how the smart automation concept can move your production forward.

White paper “Open Automation”

Compact know-how

Just as no two electronics factories are alike, there is no universally applicable blueprint for the path to automation.

Are you looking for a practical and efficient approach that is suitable for your specific situation? We have just the thing for you: an English-language white paper on the subject of Open Automation that reflect more than 20 years of ASMPT experience as a technology leader for the integrated smart factory. From contents:

  • The 80/20 rule, or why the right ratio matters also in automation
  • Evaluating automation opportunities or: where does automation on SMT lines really makes sense?
  • Less floor space – but more room to move
  • Simulation eliminates errors and saves time on the shop floor
  • Step-by-step from measuring and alarm triggering to autonomous process optimization with open automation, using the Process Expert as an example
  • Openness and standards – where freedom matters
  • If everything is connected, it must also be synchronized

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The automation potential

What would the optimal automation of your SMT production look like, and what potential might it offer? Open Automation provides comprehensive answers.

To develop the Open Automation concept, ASMPT has evaluated machines, procedures and process steps in countless scenarios and evaluated their potential. The result: Maximum flexibility, total ROI orientation, productivity gains and investment protection for your integrated smart factory.

Click the pins for detailed information and videos.

1. Material preparation

Open Automation synchronizes all relevant parameters for material preparation and product changeovers in terms of equipment, people, material, and processes. From stencils and consumables to individual material supplies and complete changeover tables, everything is ready on time and optimizes for each setup.
The Factory Automation software module functions as the interface to higher-level systems such as MES and ERP while controlling all material flow processes automated via AIVs.

2. Laser marking

The openness and consistency in communication that is an essential part of Open Automation opens the door to entirely new applications. Laser marking in PCB preparation is just one example. With Open Automation, the PCBs can now be laser-marked in one central location for the entire factory. All required information gets transmitted via higher-level systems, and AIVs transport the marked boards to the respective lines.
The benefits: Cost and space savings, lines become shorter, and the solution can even be placed in an area away from the production lines.

3. Smart operators

No matter how advanced your automation may be, humans will always play a role. The Command Center module in Works provides a revolutionary alternative to classic operator models with their rigid assignments of lines and operating staff.
Command Center is aware of all pending assists. The software automatically sends orders to the smart devices of those operators who have the necessary expertise. Teams are thus turned into smaller and much more efficient pools of smart operators.
The result: Significantly better capacity utilization and fewer line stops.

4. Feeding of PCBs

Since Open Automation accommodates automated board handling equipment, magazines can be loaded and transported via software-controlled AIVs. Higher-level systems transmit the digital product type IDs, settings get adjusted automatically, and all process-relevant data is passed from the machine to machine along the entire production line.
At the end of the line, the finished products are again loaded into magazines, automatically picked up by AIVs, and transported to their next destination.

5. Solder paste printing

With the DEK TQ, ASMPT offers the industry’s most powerful solder paste printer. Its smart features also make it the industry’s printer of choice for SMT line automation:

  • Continuous operation of more than eight hours with no human assists
  • Non-stop refilling or replacement of cleaning fluid and solder paste cartridges
  • Automatic solder paste management
  • Automatic job changeovers
  • Automatic material and stencil changeovers via AIVs

The optional Process Expert inline expert system can handle the DEK TQs printing process control and optimization entirely on its own.

6. Inspection

Process Lens is not only the industry’s fastest high-end SPI system, beating conventional systems by up to 70 percent. It is also a prime example of ASMPT modular, step-by-step approach to automation. In four phases, it becomes the world’s first self-learning expert SPI system called Process Expert:

  • The system takes printing, placement and AOI data into account
  • It learns from every single process
  • Fully autonomous printing process control and optimization
  • Software supported evaluation and optimization of stencil designs for “first time right” in the printing process.

7. Placement

With their broad performance spectrum and wide range of capabilities, high-end placement solutions like the ultra-flexible SIPLACE SX or the high-precision SIPLACE TX fit seamlessly into Open Automation, thanks to their horizontal and vertical communication with machines, people and software systems and the fully automated replacement of entire changeover tables with special AIVs in only a few seconds.
With the automatic clinching tool for the SIPLACE SX, the processing of THT components can be integrated into the line without the need to add expensive and otherwise unproductive machines.

  • The basic Works provides the shop floor management foundation with order management, setup preparation, monitoring, remote control, and a whole lot more. Everything is connected and integrated
  • Eight upgrade modules extend your process integration and optimization even further

8. Waste disposal

The designers of the Open Automation concept even considered something as basic as getting rid of tape waste. ASMPT’s automated waste disposal system can be easily installed underneath the placement machines to collect tape waste in special containers which are automatically removed and replaced by AIVs.

9. Material Storage

Whether installed as a standalone system or as a central storage solution with multiple interlinked units, the new generation of the Material Tower is the ideal partner for automated and AIV-supported material flow processes:

  • Movement of components to and from stock via AIVs with setup-optimized magazines holding up to 30 component reels
  • Clustering of multiple units to form a self-contained system with internal material exchange via an integrated transport system
  • Automatic distribution optimization of reels managed by smart algorithms

Open Automation

Works Smart Shopfloor Management Suite

Holistic software solutions

Effective and efficient automation can only be realized in combination with smart software solutions. This is where the benefits of a partnership with ASMPT as the SMT industry’s technology leader come into play because ASMPT is the only supplier that combines the worlds of hardware and software. Your benefit: A comprehensive portfolio of optimally coordinated solutions for your integrated smart factory.

  • With Works and its modules, you can create the perfect software infrastructure for your shop floor management. The result: Optimized synchronization of equipment, people, materials, and processes.
  • Factory Automation handles the coordination and control of your AIVs and AMRs. It also forms the interface to higher-level management and enterprise systems.
  • With Critical Manufacturing MES, ASMPT offers a solution that was developed especially for the needs of electronics factories.

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The Open Automation concept is modular, flexible, and non-proprietary. It has never been easier for electronics manufacturers to define and implement their individual path to the integrated smart factory. With best-in-class equipment, smart solutions and comprehensive support from our experts, you achieve the degree of automation that is most suitable for your production directly and without expensive experimentation.
Alexander Hagenfeldt

Your "Open Automation" expert

A sensible and targeted automation requires an overall view across the entire line. Open Automation by ASMPT therefore examines every single step of production: the manual effort required for a process, error susceptibility and frequency, extent of consequences and, above all, whether automation makes economic sense at the point under consideration. Thus, automation does not become an end in itself but a business decision with a clearly measurable return of investment.
Rob Raine

Your "Open Automation" expert

Automation and process optimization require the integration of all involved systems and machines. To accomplish this, all parties must be able to communicate with each other seamlessly – both horizontally and vertically. That’s why ASMPT equipment features powerful open interfaces such as IPC Hermes 9852 and IPC-CFX that make it possible to fully integrate ASM and third-party solutions.
Haithem Jeridi

Your "Open Automation" expert

ASMPT Remote Demo

Your personal live presentation

Would you like to receive more detailed information about Open Automation and the way it can advance your particular production?
Take advantage of an ASMPT Remote Demo, your personal and customized live presentation with specialists from the global CoCs, which you can view from the comfort of your desk.

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ASMPT Media Library

Information and knowledge on demand

Are you familiar with the on-demand part of our Productronica 2021 presence? Our extensive media library features all broadcasts from the ASMPT Productronica studio with lots of interviews and information about Open Automation. You also have access to many videos, documents, presentations, training materials and much more. Discover how ASMPT’s smart hardware and software solutions pave the way to your integrated smart factory.

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Best-in-class solutions

As the industry’s technology leader, ASMPT offers a broad portfolio of best-in-class products. Our solutions stand out with their perfect interaction of hardware, software and service components – powerful, smart, and ready to raise your production to a new level.

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